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Take a Hike

We're all going a little stir-crazy these days, and the perfect antidote is to take a walk in a quiet natural setting.

At 35 Rosebrook it's easy: just stroll from the front entrance and within minutes, you're at the trailhead for three different bog walks of different lengths.

At this time of year, you're likely to see tiny white cranberry flowers here and there. By the end of June, the bogs will be a carpet of those white flowers, and the A.D. Makepeace Company will bring in hives of bees to pollinate. (We ask that you steer clear of the hives, which are in triangular tented cardboard boxes or wooden crates about the size of a saxophone case. The trails will be marked when the bees are present.)

Out on the bogs, you are likely to see red tailed hawks and osprey soaring overhead. You can tell them apart because the osprey silhouette is more of an M shape. We regularly spot bald eagles, distinguishable by their larger size and the distinct finger-like feathers at the end of the wings.

Watch for white-tailed deer, red foxes, or coyotes, especially if you're walking at dawn or in the early evening.

A map of the bog trails is available here. Add two-tenths of a mile if you're walking from 35 Rosebrook. The trails are flat and firm in most locations, with a few soft, sandy spots. If bog crews are out working, we ask that you maintain social distance, stay on the road and off the actual bog, and remember that this is our workplace.

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