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What's Cottagecore??

Technically, 35 Rosebrook is on a farm, so what better place to practice the newly popular art of "Cottagecore"?

According to Architectural Digest, Cottagecore is "a movement hearkening back to agricultural life, skills, and crafts." It's said to be the perfect antidote to today's uncertain and often frightening world: make your home a simple and peaceful sanctuary.

It's easy to create the Cottagecore vibe: Houseplants or fresh cut flowers literally bring life into your space. Throw pillows and plush blankets in earth tones and natural fabrics add softness.

Perhaps the ultimate example of the Cottagecore aesthetic is a mason jar with a raffia or twine bow, filled with brown but still beautiful grasses you have cut from the woods beyond 35 Rosebrook.

Want a warm and inviting scent to waft through your home? Add some cinnamon sticks and whole cloves to a small pan of water and simmer it on your stove. Pro tip: shop for the spices at Ocean State Job Lot, where you can buy in bulk.

Real Simple magazine offers many more tips on how to get into the movement, and Instagram and Pinterest users can find plenty of inspiration by searching for the term.

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