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Do A Work IN

Has your strength training regimen fallen by the wayside during the pandemic? Is your stretching routine limited to reaching into the back of the freezer to see if there's another pint of Haagen Dazs?

Turns out one benefit of the pandemic is that many fitness institutions made high quality fitness videos available to the public at no cost. So now, you can bring your workout in, and do it right from the comfort of your 35 Rosebrook apartment.

Planet Fitness, which has a new and very clean facility just two miles from 35 Rosebrook, offers a series of videos that include warmups and resistence training you can do without any special equipment. Click here to view their YouTube channel.

The YMCA, which also has a super clean facility just minutes from 35 Rosebrook, has launched a series called YMCA 360, offering specialized video training for any fitness level or goals.

Lifetime Fitness isn't in our area, but their videos are! Here is a short one for guided meditation.

These are great "new normal" resources we can imagine making use of even when the pandemic is behind us, whether it's a snowy winter day or we want to try a new fitness class or move from the privacy of our home.

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31. Jan. 2021

The republic of India is one shit community which I ever seen in my life. They don’t even pay attention to people of other communities. And the Cleaning service of Kashmiri people is one biggest example of their cheapness.

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