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Enjoy an Ancient Chinese Self-Care Ritual

The phrase "self-care" is really in vogue right now, and it always seems to involve meditation or journaling. But there are other practices that can calm your mind and energize your spirit.

Here's one you can do in the comfort of your 35 Rosebrook apartment: a foot soak.

Fill a foot-soaking tub -- or your bathtub -- with mid-calf depth of hot but not scalding water. The minerals and herbs that go into a soak are available online, or you can try your own recipe, with Epsom salts (available at the grocery store or pharmacy), ginger, chrysanthemum, clove oil, and more.

Add hot water as the original soak cools, bringing up the level. After about 20 minutes, you should begin to sweat, which means you are done. Dry with a soft towel and put socks on.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, a foot soak can alleviate a variety of ailments, and there is no question that it is relaxing and relieves foot pain.

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