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Explore Historic Plymouth

People come from all over the world to explore the historic sites, shopping, beaches, and dining options in Plymouth - and from 35 Rosebrook, downtown Plymouth is just a 20-minute drive!

Whether you're still doing your travelling from your computer or TV, or you're ready to plan a full-fledged staycation, here are some resources for enjoying the best of Plymouth.

Plimoth Plantation "History @ Home"

Plimoth Plantation offers a wide variety of events you can enjoy at home. Coming up this month: a cooking class geared towards kids using a kit that includes cornmeal milled on site, a research game looking at details of the first Thanksgiving, or a presentation about Indigenous and colonial collaboration.

The living history museum reopens for in-person visits on April 21. The Mayflower II, docked nearby in Plymouth Harbor, opens then too, for its first full season following its restoration.

Hot Foodie Destination

That's what the Boston Herald called Plymouth recently, and we know it's true! Whether your preference is fancy French specialties, a special waterfront view, or a warm and welcoming pub, Plymouth has it all.

The Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce offers a useful directory with links to all the restaurants' websites so you can find the perfect fit for you. Of course, many restaurants are offering new takeout options.

Learn More

See Plymouth is the go-to site for planning your visit to the next town over. Their website features a handy trip planner that will help you find the attractions you want to see, then others nearby that may not be as iconic.

Here you'll find all the internationally known historic sites, itineraries for self-guided driving or walking tours, and much more.

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