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Grow a Container Garden

Nothing makes your cooking sing better than a handful of freshly snipped herbs. Why not grow a container of them on your kitchen counter in your apartment?

Our friends at Olson's Garden Center, just a 12-minute drive down Cranberry Highway from 35 Rosebrook, are a wealth of knowledge and suggestions, as well as products, to make your indoor garden thrive.

Before you get started, thinking about your tastes. Cilantro is easy to grow, but skip it if you have the surprisingly common cilantro allergy which causes some people to think the herb tastes like soap. Parsley is a good starter herb and goes great in this iconic New York Times recipe for buttered noodles or this summery tabouli salad.

Your plants daylight -- some require direct sun, and others, including tarragon and oregano, do well without it. They also need regular watering, different amounts at different times of year.

This Good Housekeeping magazine article is a good primer on indoor herb gardening, and includes some fun tips on propagating plants from cuttings.

Happy gardening!

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