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Learn About Robots... in your back yard!

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative put together a collection of informational videos about the robotics devices being created right here in Massachusetts. While the resulting series of timely webinars, available here, is geared to high school students, the "Robot Stories" are of interest to anyone.

And when we say the robots are in your back yard, we don't mean Massachusetts -- we mean the cranberry bogs in the back yard of 35 Rosebrook! Each webinar in this series includes a four-minute introduction that focuses on how some companies are using robotics, including the A.D. Makepeace Company, which uses a drone to keep track of remote bogs. The drones, introduced last growing season, report back on blossom count, damage, and other issues that are not easily seen without tromping over the vines.

Watch for the drones from your apartment at 35 Rosebrook throughout the growing season.

Take a look!

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