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Read Yankee Magazine on your computer

Count us among the New Englanders who have a real affinity for Yankee Magazine. Whether you flipped through the stacks of them in your grandparents' basement, or you have a master's degree in English and just love the spare prose, it's a real treasure.

From our perspective, Yankee's reverence of the humble cranberry is an asset. And it's always fun to find your favorite clam shack or craft shop featured in the pages.

But did you know those pages are now electronic?

That's right, you can read Yankee online at no cost. Click here to view their latest issue. And, psst! That beautiful "See Plymouth" ad on page 71? The photo of the cranberry bog was supplied by the A.D. Makepeace Company and taken at Tihonet Bogs, located just beyond Rosebrook.

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