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Visit a World-Renowned Museum...

... from your couch!

During the pandemic shutdown, many of the Boston area's most famous museums are closed to the public, but many have expanded their offerings to include free tours and lectures.

Click on the above, for example, for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' curator Erica Hirshler telling us about roses appearing in American paintings in the museum collection. The iconic "White Rose With Larkspur No. 2," which is the focus of Hirshler's tour, was hand-selected by the artist herself to hang in Boston.

The Museum of Science is offering resources for those learning from home or just needing something interesting for kids and adults alike. Their free webinar series includes periodic workshops called "The Sky Tonight" that will help you learn about the sky around your apartment at 35 Rosebrook. Click here to view the whole series, or click here for an older episode that includes some discussion of the Comet Neowise. (Skip to 4:30 in the video if you want to get right into the "virtual planetarium.")

Wondering what's visible in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's renowned courtyard? Click here for slide shows of what's typically blooming at various times of year.

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